Fancy Bazar Outdoor Dispensary (FBOD)

Fancy Bazaar Outdoor Dispensary (also known as SMDA DISPENSARY) at Hem Baruah Road, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati is the outcome of some enterprising and philanthropic personalities of marwari community with social commitment and selfless love for humanity.

The Dispensary has been rendering allopathic and homeopathic medical service free of charge to the poor sections of people. Facilities for testing of blood sugar and monitoring of blood pressure are also available at very nominal rates. It is in the fairness of thing to mention that the doctors and paramedical team of the Aushadhalaya rendered valuable services to the marooned people of natural calamities such as flood, fire etc from time to time and supplied medicines and other materials free of cost.

Services and Facilities

  1. Out patient consultation: Out patient consultation in Allopathy , Homeopathy , Ayurvedic and Yoga therapist  is available from 8am- 8pm. No consultation charges.

List of Physicians:

a.       Dr. S. Goswami, General Physician 12noon – 4pm
b.      Dr. Abani Hazarika, General Physician 8am – 12 noon
c.       Dr. Paresh Ch. Bhattacharya, Med.Officer 4pm – 8pm
d.      Dr. Archana Mazumdar, Homeopath Physician 5pm – 8pm
e.       Dr. Chiranjeet Bhattacharya, Homeopath Physician 9am -1pm
f.       Dr. Chandnee Bhattacharya, Homeopath Physician 2pm -5pm
g.      Dr. Balen Baishya,Ayurveda 4pm -8pm
h.      Ms. Sahanur Shabnam Mazumdar, Yoga Therapist 12pm -6pm
  1. Health check up:Every year first aid treatment is provided through the emergency relief camp set up in the Gauhati Gaushala Mela and Ambubachi Mela.
  2. Diagnostic services: Sugar testing, BP Check, Path Lab sample collection services, free oxygen supply, free injection and free medicine supply are provided to patients in need

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