Dr. Vishnupriya did her MD from the prestigious Madras Medical College and finished her DNB from National Board of Examinations, Delhi in 2019. She worked as a Senior Residents in a Medical College for 3 yrs.

  • Degree

    MBBS, MD, DNB (Psychiatry)

  • Total Years of Experience

    3 yrs (Post MD)

  • Expertise/Key skills

    Pharmacological and non-pharmacological (Counseling therapy) to all major mental illness.

    Special training in addiction and Neuro Psychiatry (Attended special OPD and field training)


i. Work place impact on mental well being of Frontline doctors IMMS 7 (2)  188 -192
ii. Alcohol is mental disorder co morbidity and personality factors as a reason for Anti –Tubercular drug discontinuation AIN 34 (2) 111-118
iii. Oberogenic behavior and binge eating disorder in an Elderly Female & Schizophrenia James, 2021