Dr. Hridayananda Goswami is a renowned qualified Radiologist. As a Radiologist, his area of expertise includes report for x-rar, MRI, ultrasound etc

  • Degree

    MBBS – 1980 | M.D. RADIOLOGY – 1988 | PGDMLE-2014

  • Designation

    HOD cum Sr. Consultant

  • Registration No. (Graduate)

    AMC - 8084

  • Registration No. (Post Graduate)

    AMC - 881

  • Total Years of Experience

    32 years

  • Expertise/Key skills

    Conventional Radiology including contrast studies with IITV, Ultrasonography including Color Doppler, Computed Tomography and Mammography. Subspecialty interests are chest radiology, abdominal radiology and uroradiology.
    Medical Law and Ethics.