Department Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy  department/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department(PMRD) is a dynamic profession which uses a range of treatment techniques to restore movement and function within the body and at the same time reduces pain and prevent recurrence.

Marwari Hospital and Research Centre has a well equiped physiotherapy department with the latest computerised equipments working on all sub specialities in physiotherapy.we provide OPD(Direct and Referral) and IPD services(in wards and intensive care unit)with treatment procedures of high standards to offer a multi-facet approach to a patient’s rehabilitation.

Services and Treatment Offered

Patients are treated with various physical and electrotherapeutic modalities and exercises.Treatment helps to relieve pain,swelling and improve movement and increase functional capability of individual to enable him/her to lead a quality life

Various Services offered by Physiotherapy department-

A) Electrotherapy

1. Short Wave Diathermy(SWD)

2. Interferential Therapy(IFT)

3. Lumbar and Cervical Traction

4. Paraffin Wax

5. Electrical muscle stimulator(EMS)

6. Ultrasound Therapy

7. Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulator(TENS)

B) Exercise Therapy

Treatment Protocol includes-

1. Manual Mobilization

2. Various exercise equipments including

a. Static Cycles

b. Shoulder Wheels

c. Treadmill

d. Wrist Exerciser

e. Ankle Exerciser

C) Neuro-Rehabilitation

1. Propriceptive Neuro-Muscular Facilitation

2. Balance Training

3. Co-ordination Training

4. Gait Training

E) Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

1. Pre and Post Operative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

2. Joint and Muscle Strain and Sprain

3. Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

D) Sports Rehabilitation

1. Cryotherapy

2. Theraband

3. Core Stability exercise

E) Chest Physiotherapy

1. Deep Breathing Exercise

2. Spirometry

3. Postural Drainage

4. Huffing and Coughing Techniques

5. Vibrations and Percussion Techniques