Department Of Surgery

Introduction and Department Highlights

Department of Surgery of Marwari Hospital & Research Centre made its beginning way back in 2002, along with other departments of the hospital. Dr. Subhakar Agarwalla, M.S. may be termed as the founder surgeon, as he organized it and started doing surgery both major and minor procedures. Another surgeon, Dr. Biswal was there also for sometime at the beginning and contributed a lot. As around that time, Marwari Maternity Hospital was undergoing revamping all services were shifted temporarily to this hospital and MHRC OT complex was started with 2 major theatres – one for surgery and other for Obstetrics & Gynaecology, besides a minor theatre for minor / OPD cases and one Septic OT for infective & burn cases.

Initially, anesthetists, Late Dr. K.K. Goswami & Dr. S.K. Gogoi, manned the Anesthesia Department / Unit and they were joined by Dr. Manoj Kumar Talukdar after about 6 months.

Initial turnover of Surgery annually was a modest 300 to 400, as recollected by Dr. Subhakar Agarwalla. From that modest beginning just more than a decade back, annual turnover of major surgeries escalated now to more than 1100 besides proportionate number of minor surgical cases.

Following overall revamping about 2 yrs back, this modest O. T. complex has been transformed into a very modern one with 3 major theatres (one with Laminar air flow technic) for Orthopedicc surgery and 2 for General & Urological Surgery) besides a minor, a septic theatre and immediate post operative recovery room. It also houses separate doctors and nurses’ room, technician / OT boys’ room, patient’s waiting room just before taking into the theatre, a patient examination room by doctor, one store, one autoclav, sterilization room and a reception counter to receive the patients from ward / OPD for procedure.

Services and Treatment Offered

All general surgical procedures are being dealt with success both by conventional and Laparoscopic procedures.Orthopedic procedures are routinely done including Total hip and knee replacement procedure & arthroscopic surgery with success.Various Common Urological procedures are being regularly carried out by our specialists and Endoscopic procedures are carried out by visiting Urologists.

Various Neurological procedures are too done as and when required by visiting Neuro Surgeons.

Team & Specialists

Surgery : Our team consists of the following specialists :

  1. Rabindra Nath Mazumdar, MS, FAIS
  2. Subhakar Agarwal, MS
  3. R.B.M.Upadhaya, MS
  4. Abani Kr. Kalita, MS, FIAGES,FMS,FALS(Her.), EFIAGES
  5. Nirmal Kr. Agarwal, MS (Visiting Consultant)

Orthopedic :
1. Dr. Lalit Kr. Shah
2. Dr. Mukesh Kr. Agarwalla

Anesthetists :

  1. Dr. Manoj Kr. Talukdar ,DA
  2. Dr. Pranjyoti Das (Intensivist covering ICU & OT)

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