Department of Radiodiagnosis

Introduction and Department Highlights

Department of Radiodiagnosis is the branch of medicine field, that provides solution to many diagnosis dilemma, and guides the treating team of physicians/ surgeons to make a fair planning of the treatment modalities. It also helps in evaluation of recovery phase, if it is going in the expected course or needs further modification of curative/ palliative regimen.

Services and Treatment Offered

At present MHRC, Radiology department have baseline portable X- Ray machine, X- Ray machine with digital archiving, USG machine with Color Doppler facility and CT Scan machine.

Team & Specialists

  1. Nirmal Kr. Agarwala, MD, Sr. Consultant, Radiologist
  2. Hridayanand Goswami, MD, PGDMLE, Sr. Consultant, Radiologist
  3. Sushil Choudhury, MD, Consultant, Radiologist


  1. Pranab Deka
  2. Apurba Baishya
  3. Prandip kr.Das
  4. Dilip Doloi
  5. Zia-ul-Haque

Female Assitants:

  1. Sonmoti Boro.
  2. Syeda Beauty Begum.

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