Department of Anesthesiology

Introduction and Department Highlights

The Department of Anaesthesiology is functioning in Marwari Hospital & Research Centre since its birth, i.e- March 2002.  In the very beginning, the department was headed by Dr. M.K.Talukdar Jr. Consultant and 2 Senior Consultants Late Dr. K.K.Goswami and Dr. S.C.Gogoi, Anaesthesiologists. Now a team of well trained, skilled, efficient, experienced and hard working Anaesthesiologists are working day night with dedication.

At present, we have 5 Anaesthesia machines with ventilators and all modern facilities and all are attached with sophisticated high tech monitoring system.

We have a very good recovery unit inside the OT complex with all monitoring and supporting systems.

The department is run by a very good, skilled, experienced and well trained support team.

Services and Treatment Offered

We are providing all types of Anaesthesia for all type of surgeries like General, Laparoscopic, Paediatrics, Neurosurgery, etc.

Team & Specialists

  1. Dr. Manoj Kr. Talukdar,DA Sr. Consultant, Anaesthesiology (Incharge OT & ICU).
  2. Dr. Pranjyoti Das (Intensivist covering ICU & OT)

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