Department of Anaesthesiology-MMH

Introduction and Department highlights

Department of Anaesthesiology is working for the betterment of the hospital with the best possible services provided to the patients relentlesly without any break since inception of this hospital. Presently this department is run by Dr. S.K Gogoi, Sr Consultant along with Dr. Dipankar Talukdar, Dr. B. Baruah and Dr. A Das.

All the Anaesthesiologists are highly experienced and thoroughly skilled in tackling any medical eventualities and emergencies. That is why in our institution the Mortality Rate for last 30 years for patient is not recognizable.

Services and Treatment Offered

We provide the best of Anaesthesiology Services as per the requirement.
1. Basic  Anaesthesiology Service -24×7
2. Painless delivery (labour Analgesia).
3. Upto date post operative Recovery Rooms.
4. I.C.U –support in MHRC building.
5. Other pain services.
6. State of art ambulance services for transporting patients in and out of the hospital with the best paramedics services under Anaesthesiology Guidance.

Team & Specialist

1. Dr. Simanta Kumar Gogoi, DA, Sr. Consultant, Anaesthesiology


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